[Wolves] LAMP server partitioning

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 01:46:32 GMT 2006

On Friday 24 Feb 2006 00:41, Andy Wootton wrote:
> David Cockayne wrote:
> > I was thinking of going with
> >
> > /boot       200Mb
> > swap       4GB (server has 4GB ram)
> > /              30GB
> > /moodle   the rest
> >
> > are there really advantages to giving /usr /var /tmp /home etc
> > seperate partitions for this sorrt of server
> Upgrades, reinstalls or change of OS, particularly /home
> People sometimes like to put areas that grow onto a seperate device,
> where a full disk would be less 'exciting'

Areas that grow or change frequently over time have traditionally been stored 
under /var (hence the name - short for "variable"), although having a 
top-level directory for major applications is also popular (like 
your /moodle). I second Andy Smith's suggestion to use LVM and also RAID if 
the storage is implemented using multiple discs.

Some disc layouts I've used (/boot and swap omitted for (slight) brevity):

Reasonable size file and X application server, 220Gb RAID, lots of user data 
in /home)

/            - 4Gb
/usr         - About 8Gb used (bigger than it needs to be at the
               moment - needs downsizing)
/var         - 4Gb
/home        - Approx. 50% of remaining space
/var/export  - Approx. 50% of remaining space (NFS and Samba shares)

Small web/mail server (/home folder unimportant, contains temp work area only)

/      - 6Gb
/var   - All remaining space (web sites, databases, mail spool directories)

Small Intranet web/FTP server (/home folder unimportant, contains temp work 
area only, 2xIDE discs)

/           - Whole of first disc  - Everything except FTP site
/var/ftp    - Whole of second disc - FTP site

Various firewalls, DNS/DHCP servers, routers, etc: (/home folders unused)

/   - Everything (usually small disc)



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