[Wolves] Dapper WiFi

Simon Morris mozrat at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 19:30:32 GMT 2006

On 25/02/06, Baza <baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> Has anyone got wifi working on Ubuntu Dapper? I've been playing with
> it for a few days, and while it says the wifi, both built in and card
> seem to configure, I can't get it to work.
> yeah I know it's alpha test, but I would like to be able to test it
> out without having to cable it up for the net.

I'm not really a full time Ubuntu user nowdays but I installed Dapper
on a spare partition on my Thinkpad to try and get Xgl working (Damn
you ATI... damn you to *hell*... I want my Saturday back)

....and yeah - Wireless works for me

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