[Wolves] Dapper WiFi

Baza baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Feb 25 23:37:32 GMT 2006

> I don't believe so. I wasted a while trying to get WPA working but  
> I found a suggestion to use WEP via Google then I think it just  
> worked. I've set my wireless access point to WPA2 now for my kids  
> to use with their Macs so I haven't used it for a while.
> I'm still not entirely sure whether WPA requires support from your  
> WiFi hardware or if old drivers that only supported WEP can be  
> updated to WPA.
> Woo

I've got it up now, I'm not totally sure what I did that it liked,  
but it now seems to broadcast the correct WEP key to my router, so  
all's well :)

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