[Wolves] What have I done?

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Mon Feb 27 10:35:40 GMT 2006

Hi All

I've damaged my system at home :(

After a bad update from SuSE my machine refused to boot into SuSE.

Rather than type half a page as to why I did what I did I'll cut to the chase.

I have
/dev/hda XP Home
/dev/hdc/ SuSE

There are some other drives purely for storage so I don't think they count.

The SuSE is a fresh install, the installation ran like a dog it takes a good 
ten to fifteen minutes to do all the checks before you can do anything.

When I boot it doesn't even find Grub I get "Boot failure insert floppy"

I have done all the usual stuff, XP disc--->recovery console--->FIXMBR
SuSE install--->Repair--->repair boot loader

None work, I can get either SuSE of XP to boot using either a floppy (SBoot 
Manager) or the SuSE DVD.

Is it possible Grub is being installed in some obscure location thats not 
being seen by the boot process? I did tell it to write to MBR.

Any thoughts? I may have missed/forgotten an option to try.


Peter Cannon
Fedora Core 4 & Suse 10.0
Jabber:highwayman.turpin at gmail.com

"There is every excuse for not knowing,
There is no excuse for not asking!"
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