[Wolves] What have I done?

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Mon Feb 27 12:48:33 GMT 2006

On Monday 27 February 2006 12:02, David Morley wrote:

> Simple download DSL or Knoppix drop it in and then you can have a good
> mooch around and find out what the problem is.  As dsl or knppix is
> neither Suse nor Xp and is live on cd it won't effect the hard drive
> where as using repair cds do.  Using dsl or knoppix if you preffer
> there are a few things you should look for and check,  MBR where it
> is,  GRUB what it says and where it is,  Then have a quick check
> through your SUSE and make sure there is nothing untoward there.

I've got a couple of Live CD's the crazy thing is Grub is being reported as 
being on the correct partition /dev/hda the SuSE repair tool has never let me 
down before and I've always been impressed with it.

Its getting to the 'check boot loader' section, telling me there is an error 
("yep I knew that") presenting me with the Grub configuration, which looks OK 
to me, applying then saying its fixed when it re-boots.... No Cigar!

Maybe its not actually writing to the MBR? the files are there 
under /boot/Grub maybe is giving the impression is written but in fact its 

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