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Sun Jan 8 21:43:22 GMT 2006

On 08/01/06, Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:
> > This is possibly a bit of a grandmother and eggs situation but have
> > you tried Memtest on it?
> Yes, yes, I know about memtest, everyone who's suggested it. And I've
> run it. And it showed no errors.

Ah, I thought that would have been your first thought.  That's why I
mentioned grandmother and eggs ;-)

However, Colin Watson thinks that the problem is *still* the memory,
since I'm getting segfaults in
> everything in the installer. That's why I want to test it.
> Regarding what type of memory it is: no idea. How do I find out? At
> the LUG meeting, someone said that all memory was basically the same.
> Aq.

There are differences beyond the obvious parity non parity etc.  There
are different speeds within the designated types - PC100, PC133 etc,
etc  I've come across problems trying to use two PC 100 sticks in the
past.  One was a lower rated speed than the other.  However, in this
case it shouldn't matter 'too' much as you are after a single stick.

I have never come across a decent site on the net yet that has helped
me to identify memory from the serial numbers on it.  But perhaps
somebody knows of an obscure site?

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