[Wolves] OT: Freeview and the WV postcode

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Mon Jan 9 22:59:02 GMT 2006

> One of our neighbours was bought a freeview box for xmas but has been told that
> they can't use it in the WV post code. I'm not sure if it's a bit more specific
> to the postcode here (WV10). They have asked in various "national chain
> consumer electronics stores" and been told the same thing: "you need a new
> aerial".

This is (or at least) the standard thing "they" would say incase you 
take the box home, and find it doesn't work... and then ask for a refund.

> Any idea if this is true or not?

probably not, all urban areas are probably covered by now.


David Goodwin

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