[Wolves] IBM 240Z 192M Ram/ 10G HD/PIII 600, the way to install linux on this machine?

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 02:11:23 GMT 2006

alex yan wrote:

> anyone has the experience installing linux on IBM 240Z laptop without 
> floppy drive and cd-rom drive?
> currently , the machine is running WIN XP SP2, I would like to install 
> a linux system on it for fun.
> SUSE 10? RedHat ?
> cheers

I installed Ubuntu, dual-boot with The Filth (sorry for forgetting the 
<irony> flag on my earlier pro-Windows post) on a ThinkPad of some 
description between Christmas and NY. IBM like Linux. They got on very 
well with each other and Ubuntu did the resizing of the existing 
partition for me after asking a few questions. I made some notes but 
they are at work. That reminds me: I must learn more about logical 
volumes. I said I did want them this time but then didn't do anything 
with them. It would have been a good idea to do this before the 


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