[Wolves] ubuntu 5.10 installation error

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Thu Jan 12 12:32:55 GMT 2006

On Thursday 12 January 2006 09:58, alex yan wrote:

> finally, a SUSE 10 OSS version linux has been installed into the old
> laptop. But the speed of the GNOME GUI system is too slow.

Whats the spec of the laptop?

Gnome is a sugary nice desktop and what most MS users would like but its very 
resource hungry.

KDE is more business like and what most business people would expect to see.

Why not use FWVM its very light weight.

> The installation procedure:
> 1. download SUSE 10 OSS installer from SOURCEFOURGE.NET
> 2. download 5 cds iso files from mirror site.
> 3. extract 5 iso files into one directory of the windows' partition
> 4. run suse10oss installer under WinXP
> 5, after rebooting your machine, enter 'install linux' option under the
> GRUB (installed automatically by the INSTALLER software)
> 6. follow the instructions to install linux...
> 7. choose the media source from 'Harddisk', and type the correct directory
> name in the windows's partition, ............etc...()
> 8. Mission completed!
> **One thing need to be consdered is the process of modifying partition.
> erase the entry of the WindowXP which is detected automatically by the
> installer, otherwise, it will not allow you to install correctly.
> ***Another thing, during the installation process, once the CD1 finished,
> the install source path need to be manually modified to CD2, cd3, cd4, cd5.
> Of course, if the 5 cds, has been put together in one directory, this will
> be no problem.

Never done an install of SuSE that way, I take it you burnt the iso's 1st? 
usually you'd stick the 5 images on the Windows partition I wonder if thats 
why you had to change the install path after CD1?

> lol....Just want to share information, plz do not say these information are
> rubbish...:-)

If you tidy it up a bit, and if you're interested I'll put it on my site. If 
you have a quick look at this you'll see the method is similar.


Peter Cannon
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There is no excuse for not asking!"
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