[Wolves] make money from the Open Source?

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Sat Jan 14 21:27:46 GMT 2006

On 14/01/06, Ron Wellsted <ron at wellsted.org.uk> wrote:
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> alex yan wrote:
> > is that possible?
> > the profit making service for a small company can be 'technique
> > consultant?','enterprise solution?'
> >
> > hmmm, wondering if it can make enough money for your basic life expense.
> >
> > yan
> >
> Yes, OOS can be the basis of a business.  You can earn a living in
> several ways:
> 1/ Consultancy: Implementing/customising OSS based solutions for people
> that want the products but don't have the time/skills
> 2/ As a part of other services: eg. web hosting
> 3/ Solutions: similar to consultancy but you decide on the combinations
> of OSS packages, get them working and build a product out of them.  You
> then sell this package together with your implementation/support skills
> as a complete solution.
> 4/ other???

Similar to the others really but number 4 could be simply teaching.
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