[Wolves] very small mythbox

Matthew Round roundyz at roundyz.com
Wed Jan 18 18:05:40 GMT 2006

On Saturday 07 January 2006 22:46, Andrew Lewis wrote:
> Evenin all!
> There was some talk at the last meeting about making small frontends for
> mythtv - I decided to have a bit of an experiment (hardware wise). The
> story goes:
> 1) Using a morex cubid case (WxDxH 210mm x 258mm x 65mm), you can start
> with the micro-itx board of your choice.
> 2) Add a laptop hdd and some memory.
> 3) You now have a working system, piff paff puff.
> This is all very well, but we were talking of telly cards and wireless
> at the meeting. The morex cubid case doesn't let you add a card as
> standard, but with a bit of techie glue and several precise tools, all
> can be well.
> First off, you need to cut a bracket in half and move the hdd. Not a big
> deal because it's soft metal and you can almost tear it by hand. this
> makes space over the board. now put the hdd on your new modified
> bracket, leaving the space over your motherboard completely empty. ta-daa!!
> Add a pci riser which rotates the pci slot 90 degrees over the board.
> If you're fitting a telly card (I just did this) - remove the metal
> bracket from the back of the card, desolder all of the sockets on the
> back and solder jumper wires onto it. This is NOT hard. It only takes
> about 20 mins to do with a soldering iron, and you're not soldering
> anywhere near the important components, so you don't have to worry much.
> This solder-job might not be hard, but it is big, and it is clever,
> because it means your telly card will now fit inside the case. Lovely
> Jubbly.
> Drill a few holes in the back of the case, and fit some sockets to
> accept your telly signal into. Easy Peasy, Furry Muff.
> Fire it up, and install the OS of your choice.
> Want Wireless? USB wireless dongle - £18, Cheap as chips!
> Total time to complete: Less than 2 hours, including building the
> computer from bits and all the hacking.
> :) Spline

I have been eyeing up this on mini-itx.com for a while...
Thinking about a webserver/kaid server.

Do you have any pics? or could you take some if you have time?
I would love to see your hdd mod..as in that case the disc sits on top in the 
middle running horizontally from letf to right...where exactly did you put it 
to get the riser in?

Cheers mate :)

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