[Wolves] Mail Icon Thingies...

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sat Jan 21 11:42:40 GMT 2006

> > It's called an X-Face. As Pete notes, KMail supports it directly. I'm
> > not sure about other mail clients, but there are plenty of X-Face
> > converter things in Google.
> The option has been available in KMail for about two years now the HTML
> hater's will dislike it as they prefer pure text.

Ah, no, it's fine even for HTML haters. The image doesn't go in the
text as an image; it goes in the headers as encoded text, and it's
pretty short. People without an X-Face-aware client won't even see it.


<Cl0ckwork> i hate it when explorer crashes, losing my system tray,
and irc is minized to it
<slick> I hate when I kick a dog and then the owner see's me and I
have to kill him

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