[Wolves] Twin Subject Sd card prices and Ubuntu Dapper flight 3

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 13:36:19 GMT 2006

Just trying out Ubuntu dapper flight 3 to see how it looks and
behaves,  so far so good.  There a new look to Rythumbox which
includes a podcast downloader yeah.  Totem seems a little more stable.
 Nvidia-glx won't in stall but I'm sure that wil be fixed.  The whole
desktop seems to move faster.  OOo 2 is finally full and the new way
it does web site is impressive effectively you lay everything in odt
and it converts the pages into html and gives you a index page. 
Flight 3 also has a fully up to date Myth-tv sections in 64bit for the
Jono's of the world (all sections are 18.1).  So first impressions are
very good looks nicer smooth and over all more pleasurable.

Sd cards the price of sd cards was brought up at the last Lug meeting
so I have had a look around as I have Time in my favour.  Asda are
currently do a 1gb sd card for £39.47 but are out of stock their
normal price is £64.47.  Aldi do a 1gb sd card for £49.99 standard
price these are about the two cheapest in wolvo at the minute.

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