[Wolves] Some Qemu help please.

Kev Adams kev at magicmoon.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 11:53:45 GMT 2006

On Thursday 26 January 2006 23:31, David Morley wrote:
> I am having a play with qemu so I can see what other Os are looking
> Like.  I am also looking at it as away to record the install of an os.
>  The problem that I have hit is quite simple there is no virtual hard
> drive.  I am quite sure there is a way round this but I don't know
> what can some one please advice me thanks.
> I can get live cd's to work fine but I get one main error when
> installing a full system which is no hard drive.

I think you need to create a disk image & install to that - you'll have to 
forgive me as I'm not sure I fully understand your question.  

A much easier way to use qemu is to try a prebuilt guest OS first.  You should 
be able to modify them as you please.  Have you tried installing some of the 
guest OS's from here


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