[Wolves] Distro desktop ramble.

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 11:58:29 GMT 2006

Today I have mostly been deciding that gnome is definately my desktop
of choice.  I've been using other desktop solutions now for a couple
of weeks I've used dsl and xubuntu for Light Desktops, but on 64bit
with a gig of ram the speed increase is neglegible but some of the
features are nice I especially like xfmedia and whether, and in dsl I
love the cpu process display.  I have Used Ubuntu for gnome but also
Fedora Core 4 (should keep Ade happy).  I must admit I am more
impressed with Fedora 4 than I was 3 but yum just doesn't feel as
complete as apt.  Which was one of the reasons why I liked Ubuntu over
Core 3.  For Kde I have mostly been using opensuse and kubuntu.  The
apps in Kde really rock but the desktop as a whole just doesn't seem
to gel as well as Gnome.  The only other things I'm interested in
trying is Linux from Scratch and Gentoo, now the 64bit version has had
a little time to settle.  The only reason for me wanting to try these
is because of running a 64bit machine some apps just refuse to work. 
Unfortunately though after reading all about LFS I found out there
Live CD for install purposes is only in I386 they are currently
working on the 64 bit version (But it isn't stable).

The only other thing was I would like to set up a blog, but I want
something that is that is none technical to set up and would like some
help deciding which is easiest to use.  I know nothing about them so
would appreciate some link as typing Linux and Blog into google gives
you huge amounts of links to peoples blogs.  So some help please
Ladies and Gents?

Seek That Thy Might Know

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