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Matthew Revell matthew at understated.co.uk
Wed Jul 5 16:59:16 BST 2006

On 05/07/06, Matthew Walster <matthew at walster.org> wrote:
GO's  Muppets

 1) Dave Maaarrllleeeeyyyy  (I'll be there too this time)
 2) Alex
 3) Dick Turpin (Bring your purses ladies I'm skint)
 4) Kat
 5) David
 6) Alex (the employee) probably
 7) chris (who knows it isn't easy being green)

 LATE's Fraggles

 1) Spline - (I admire the muppets... It must be terribly difficult
 to do comedy with Jim Henson's hand up your ass)
 2) I'll be picking up the CD from Mr Morley :)

 NO GO's Doozers

 1) Ad - I have a work thing on Wed
 2) Dan (working)
 3) Matthew Walster (Aunt now in Hospital, got to bus her around :
 ( Maybe next month...)

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