[Wolves] Ubuntu Live CD fails to boot

Matthew Revell matthew at understated.co.uk
Thu Jul 6 09:14:37 BST 2006

Hey guys,

I'm having some major problems getting Ubuntu on our ThinkPad.

I think the DVD drive is shot. It seems to be getting so hot that it
corrupts CD-Rs. I've been using the alternative install disc, as the
live CD isn't that quick with RAM of 256 MB and below.

So, Mr Morley kindly lent me a pressed Ubuntu Live/Install CD. It
doesn't boot. It's clean, etc. I wonder if it's because the CD is both
bootable to install Linux but also has some Windows AutoRun stuff to
let you install Firefox etc. My drive seems a bit screwed, what with
it corrupting CD-Rs, so I wonder if this is linked.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

BTW - yeah, I'm taking the ThinkPad back to Staples on Saturday :)

Matthew Revell

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