[Wolves] Trying Ubuntu dapper

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Sat Jul 8 14:55:01 BST 2006

OK, following everybodies ravings over Ubuntu, I have Installed dapper
onto my workstation at home (the server is still Gentoo).  I have a
couple of questions:

1/ gdm keeps switching to the 'flower' theme instead of the 'Human'
theme. Is there a way to cure this?

2/ How do I get ubuntu to mount my NFS exports on the server at boot
up? I have to remember to open a terminal and type "sudo mount -a" to
get my server home and common directories.


Ron Wellsted
ron at wellsted.org.uk http://www.wellsted.org.uk
N 52.567623, W 2.137621 Linux Counter No. 202120

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