[Wolves] Trying Ubuntu dapper

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Sat Jul 8 15:40:28 BST 2006

> >> 2/ How do I get ubuntu to mount my NFS exports on the server at boot
> >> up? I have to remember to open a terminal and type "sudo mount -a" to
> >> get my server home and common directories.
> > 
> > Normally in /etc/fstab but I would really recommend autofs to mount the
> > directories as and when you need them. They then dismount after a
> > timeout
> The reaaly annoying thing is that they are in /etc/fstab!  I will look
> into using autofs.
I seem to remember something like this happening to me on ubuntu...
mounting seemed to be a bit hit and miss for network resources. I think
I fixed it by using visudo to giving the default user permission to run
mount without a password. After that, the network resources were always
there on startup - I know that shouldn't work, but it did. Strange, but

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