[Wolves] Two Things

Joe Wrigley joe at wrigley.me.uk
Tue Jul 11 14:41:03 BST 2006

> 1. Desktop sharing
> 2. Exporting a single application over NX rather than the whole desktop
> I think these things exist in the FreeNX server but they are
> experimental and unstable. As with all things that are Free Software
> they will come in time

I went to the talk given by the guy behind FreeNX at the UKUUG Linux
2006 conference the other week and he said that he's had a brief look at
the NoMachine NX v2 code and it looks like it will be easier to port it
into FreeNX than it has been previously. Also the newest version of
FreeNX is just out as he had finally nailed a bug in it.


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