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Yes krdc or similar would give the same result but:-

Decreased compression rations decreased performance

Free nx ownz if u got a desktop u want to share with the masses freenx in
cost/performance out strips citrix and terminal services without even

Problem is are your client apps linux centric? I dount it majority of people
I c have sage and or similar doze only software

Nevermind the idea/application is uber

Usage mediocre unless u need to access your own boxes ofc
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On Tuesday 11 July 2006 11:30, Joe Wrigley wrote:

> Not as such, it's analogous to VNC but with hugely increased speed and
> clever compression. You can install the free version (FreeNX) on your
> linux machine and then connect with the client. The official client also
> supports VNC and RDP and I believe does some kind of clever compression
> on them too.

OK, I saw that but then Krdc or similar would give the same result. What 
intrigued me was the demo offered Gnome or KDE desktop connections plus apps

such as Gimp etc. I read it as saying "Install the NX Client and connect to 
this remote desktop via the client log-in" the blurb was talking about using

NX Client on a Windows machine.

The web site struck me as a lot of information without saying anything
(I could of been having a blonde day of course)

Peter Cannon

"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"

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