[Wolves] Asterisk geniuses required

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 15:59:59 BST 2006

On 14/07/06, Adam Sweet <drinky76 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all
> Some of you may know that I've been playing
> Asterisk at Home on and off for the last few months.
> Well, after many false starts and bits of failed
> hardware I'm close to completing what I want to do.
> The part I am stuck on now is getting incoming calls
> to transfer to an external number if they are not
> answered within 15 seconds. I am using 9 to denote an
> outside line. Remember I am using A at H so none of your
> fancy speak, but will dive under the web admin
> interface and edit conf files if need be.
> The calls are routed via time conditions and a few
> rings groups, but the eventual outcome of all paths is
> to transfer the call to an external extension if the
> call isn't picked up and then go to a voicemail box as
> a last resort.
> Do I need to specify the '9' in my external extensions
> for the ring groups? If I do I skip straight from
> internal extensions ringing to voicemail, if I don't
> add the 9 I go from the internal extensions ringing to
> an 'all extensions are busy' message. I can call out
> using a VoIP handset to the external number.
> My external numbers are set up as:
> 07xxxxxxxx#
> where the 07xxxxxxxx is my real number, as per the A at H
> help:
> "List extensions to ring, one per line.
> You can include an extension on a remote system, or an
> external number by suffixing a number with a pound
> (#). ex: 2448089# would dial 2448089 on the
> appropriate trunk (see Outbound Routing)."
> Can anyone help me understand why this is not working?
> Thanks,
> Ad
> --
> http://www.drinky.org.uk
> http://blog.adamsweet.org

Not personally but I know a man who is a genius with Asterix :-)

I'll fwd your e-mail address to him and ask him to contact you if that's ok?
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