[Wolves] Help get me out the pooh!

Morris, Simon Simon.Morris at cmtww.com
Tue Jul 18 20:18:29 BST 2006

Reading your mail in more detail (sat in car outside supermarket waiting for wifey)...

My first guess is that the website config was kept in a seperate config file from the main server config? Or the old httpd.conf file has a separate <VirtualHost ...> Segment near the bottom?

When you hit the site are you using an IP address or DNS name? It looks like it is serving the default page in the absence of the Virtualhost file. Check the error.log file and see what it is saying in there.


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Hi All

OK so theres me bragging about my abilities, I've gone and killed someones 
intranet and I'm in serious doo doo.

The intranet looks like its run on/via something called 'Ruby Rails' I've 
never heard of it, it was running under FC4 I upgraded to FC5 and now the 
bloody thing refuses to run the Apache test page is there instead for some 
reason there is an error message saying;
"Unable to fully qualify domain name using instead"

The Apache test page can be seen from another machine so I take it that its 
being broadcast to the network? The Webserver is used internally only I can 
get Internet access from it.

http.conf was replaced at upgrade but the old file has been saved, I tried 
replacing the text from the renamed/saved file to the new http.conf but httpd 
refused to start so I cant say if in turn the intranet/ruby rails would have 
started. If I revert back to the original http.conf httpd starts OK

Initially I could do with being pointed in the right direction I cant afford 
to waste hours messing about with Ruby Rails (Which as I say I'm ignorant 
about) if its a network, webserver, name, IP address problem. I promised it 
would be back up at 2.30pm today, as it is I have to go back tomorrow. :-S

1. Is this a network name resolution problem?
2. Is this something to do with this Ruby Rails thingy?

Pete on knees, tears running down face, hands pressed together in solemn 

Peter Cannon
"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"

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