[Wolves] Pie Factory?

Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Mon Jul 24 23:29:31 BST 2006

>>> How does the next meeting, 2nd August, grab
>> people?
>> Sounds good to me.
> I'm game. Didn't drive the last time everyone went so
> it should be more do-able this time.
Me too  - show me a steak and kidney pie and half a guiness and I'm 

I still don't drive - but if there's a willing skipper for the tipton 
ferry, then me love you long time (five dollar).

"Although the experiment did not produce the expected data, it was 
possible to confirm beyond all reasonable doubt that isopropyl alcohol 
is an extremely volatile chemical, as is magnesium. We were able to 
conclude that common water is split into hydrogen and oxygen when 
exposed to the temperature of burning magnesium. This resulting 
combustion reaction between the hydrogen and oxygen seems to take place 
without affecting the flammability of the isopropyl alcohol. Finally we 
managed to reveal that CO2 is not effective in retarding a reaction of 
this magnitude once it has begun, but the high velocity gas can spread 
the effects of the reaction over a considerable area."

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