[Wolves] For all you MS haters

Jono Bacon jonobacon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 14:38:53 BST 2006

On 7/31/06, Simon Morris <sm at beerandspeech.org> wrote:
> At the Novell Open Enterprise day last month I watched Nat Friedman
> stand on stage giving his SLED10 presentation and getting undeniably
> worried that his USB camera wasn't being detected at all.
> He ummm'd and ahh'd for at least 2 minutes before realising he had
> unplugged it to plug in his iPod in the segment just before.

I think its always important to realise that there are good and bad
things on both sides of the fence, and technology always screws up for
everyone. Sorry if I came over a little harsh Kevan - it just
frustrates me a little when people on either side don't acknowledge
that there are flaws in everything - this is computer software - and
everyone gets bugs.


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