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Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 17:29:05 BST 2006

On 31/07/06, Jono Bacon <jonobacon at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/31/06, Simon Morris <sm at beerandspeech.org> wrote:
> > At the Novell Open Enterprise day last month I watched Nat Friedman
> > stand on stage giving his SLED10 presentation and getting undeniably
> > worried that his USB camera wasn't being detected at all.
> >
> > He ummm'd and ahh'd for at least 2 minutes before realising he had
> > unplugged it to plug in his iPod in the segment just before.
> I think its always important to realise that there are good and bad
> things on both sides of the fence, and technology always screws up for
> everyone. Sorry if I came over a little harsh Kevan - it just
> frustrates me a little when people on either side don't acknowledge
> that there are flaws in everything - this is computer software - and
> everyone gets bugs.
>   Jono

Well, I didn't say Linux does not have flaws because it certainly
does.  The big, nay, whopping difference is that you or I don't have
to pay over a hundred quid for a product that has been hyped to the
eyeballs only to persistenly crash every (isn't it) 4 weeks if you
left it running?  Which some people want to, don't forget.  Or, it
crashes just as you have finished -but not yet saved, auto-save,
want's that?  the most important document you are ver going to work
on.  Or the dirty great shopping list for Asda ;-)  Add to that, at
least with Linux we can go onto a public forum or mailing list and ask
if it has happened to anybody else.  Yes, I know that can be done on a
Microsoft forum but then it comes to fixing it...

Now, please remember, that, in the past I have moaned about Microsoft
but I have always been quick to state the good things about Windows
too.  I still say that it could be a good operating system for the
masses if it was cleaned up and security tightened.

Those millions of people for whom Microsoft works fine?  Maybe they
are the millions who actually 'put up' with the problems.  Just the
same as we put up with the problems in Linux.  The difference?  Again,
we know the code will be looked at (usually) and sorted out.  After
over ten years what hope do Windows users have of that happening?  All
they get is another Windows version and oh, "that'll be £150, please
sir".  :-(

Now, things going wrong :-)))))  yes, it's also happened to me.  400
odd guests in one of the lecture theatres at Priorslee Campus, Telford
(Wolves Uni).  I was dropped into the job of keeping a new (read
fragile) wireless presentation system going.  Included in the audience
was his grumpiness the Lord of Bradford (previous owner of Weston
Park) together with a lot of other dignitaries.  Of course it all went
wrong.  The video would not come up, it decided to close the curtains
instead :-(  Or there was no sound, or the CD in the PC did not
work... you get the picture.  It all need to be reset but I hadn't a
clue.  I'd had about 5 minutes to show me what button to press and
that was it.  But, I don't blame the Windows system for all this, that
was just running the PC itself, it was a system purpose built for the

Oh what joy.....

Jono, don't worry.  It's easy to let those fingers run away with
themselves ;-)))))

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