[Wolves] mail server hosts

Peter Evans zen8486 at zen.co.uk
Fri Jun 2 08:32:10 BST 2006

On Thursday 01 June 2006 22:01, Someone wrote:
> > Do you know, I've occasionally wondered about using gmail for this.

Did I not read about an outage on gmail the other day that meant everyone had 
no access?  I read no further, but did people loose messages because of this?

Depending on how important email is to your organisation one of the factors in 
choosing an external hosting company should be the Service Level Agreement 
that it has with you, the customer? AFAIK 'free' services like hotmail and 
gmail don't have SLA's attached to them, when they work they're great, when 
they don't that's not their problem (to the extent that you can get any 
compensation from them).

Then there's the any potential sensitivity issues you may have - I recall 
gmail saves everything forever that goes through it.  Is that something your 
company can accept (this would be a small risk, if at all, for most people).

Increasingly I'm finding it's not the functionality of the underlying 
technology that is the most important part of solutions, but the overall 
'service wrap' that comes with it that makes the decisions on who gets the 

Not an expert, just my two pennethworth.

Pete Evans

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