[Wolves] Exim relay problem

Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Wed Jun 14 14:49:02 BST 2006

Wayne Morris wrote:

> Hi,
> Just noticed that my exim 4 email server (on FC3) has become an open 
> relay.
> Here are the first few lines of a sample incoming spam email:
> Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it appears to be getting through 
> because the relayer is spoofing its address as which EXIM 
> was set to allow.
> However, I have blocked relaying fro and its still getting 
> through.
> Any ideas?
Right, removing 'relay from' DID stop the message being 
relayed, but the message was being bounced back to me as an error.
I've now renamed the email server, so relays are rejected and bounces go 
to null.

But how do I stop the attack/ and or find out and block the ip address 
of the attacking pc - my Eximon just shows incoming mail from 
and my hostname?

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