[Wolves] Hooray SuSE is back

Simon Morris mozrat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 09:38:51 GMT 2006

Peter Cannon wrote:

>  > But yeah - it is promising. I attended a presentation tonight by a
>  > Novell guy on App Armor. That looks very promising indeed. SELinux for
>  > the normal people.
> I need to read up on that one not sure I understand what its all about. This
> time around the manual that came with the boxed version I have is extremely
> poor theres no Administration manual so its aimed at the general user and
> just gives a 'very' brief overview of packages. having said that the
> installation section is V. good so I guess they take the view once its
> up and
> running you're on your own.

AppArmor is awesome - I'm blogging it for my companies internal blog
now, so I'll post a copy somewhere public afterwards

> The Xen installation is not even mentioned in the manual.
> You need to be careful with additional repository's (not YOU
> Yast-Online-Update) such as packman & extras this was my downfall I'd set my
> system to update everything to the latest release from the software
> management section which had been fine for months and months but like all
> updates you're at the mercy of the site maintainer if something bad slips in
> you have no defence.

Yeah - 3rd party RPMs (and .debs) are just a pitfall to fall into I
think. This is where Debian has a lot of value IMO.

SUSE/Novell have to offer support on the software they provide, so
typically you don't find a large number of available packages.

FTP daemons for example -



Debian stable -


So - fair enough - SUSE don't want to support the wzdftpd package (WTF
*is* wzdftpd??), but that means that whoever wants to use that package
either has to compile it, or compile is and make their own RPMS, or
use 3rd Party RPMS.

Not cool


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