[Wolves] OT - Telly fixers

David Goodwin gingerdog at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 10:02:46 GMT 2006

> > Sorry to hear you've lost your job...
> Na, I'm still there, I'm the only one that knows theres more than one nine
> o'clock in the day :)
> More a case of "The rats leaving the sinking ship", possibly.

Ah. Been there, done that.....

> > I'd almost suggest something like a plumber or plasterer. They can't be
> > shipped overseas, or sold in supermarkets.
> I suppose I could go back to my old job of International porn start and
> jobbing gun runner but the hours are crap ;)

Well, there's clearly money in death (war, funerals etc), sex (oldest
profession etc) and taxes. (If only taXES really did involve sex).
Perhaps you're onto a winner there.

David Goodwin

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