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Thu Mar 16 15:36:29 GMT 2006

On 16/03/06, Wayne Morris <wayne at machx.co.uk> wrote:
> Wayne Morris wrote:
> > Wheres the best place to go for a system localish to Wolverhampton,
> > need a fairly basic tower (don't need monitor),
> > want to use it for video capture for a week or so (so ideally with a
> > video card in it although I have got a tv card here) and then
> > turn it into a server.
> > Can't decide whether to just go to somewhere like pc world for
> > simplicity, or shop around for bits and build.
> >
> "Next time I'm bloody buying one ready made!!"
> Repeat 100 times.
> Jesus, why are things so difficult.
> I went to PC world to see what they could do one for and it was £290 for
> a basic  tower, celeron, 40gb, 256 mb, no monitor.
> So i went to UHS and got motherboard, processor, 160gb hd drive, case,
> fan , 512 memory for around £220 all in.
> "Is  graphics on board" "Yes"
> Took it  home,  built it, looked for  VGA socket - none - no graphics on
> board.
> Tried 5 pci vga cards, none worked.
> Went and bought a AGP card this morning - £30
> Spent most of day trying to install 'something'. Machine keeps powering
> of after X minutes.
> Oddly enough, worse with windows - 5 mins at most ,  Ubuntu installed,
> rebooted, powered of during install extra packages and then will only boot
> to command line.
> Tried another cd rom, tried another hard drive. No good.
> Finally, am on another hard drive and unplugged the USB mouse and it
> hasn't switched off  - yet! So not sure whether mouse or HD at fault,
> or if fault gone completely.
> Halfway thru windows install now, we'll see.
> If I'd bought a Pc world special, it would have been running 24 hours ago!.
> At least I've got a better processor, hd and memory for less money, but
> paid for it in blood sweat and tears!

Two things...check the CPU is seated correctly and check the RAM is
seated correctly.  If it doesn't work after that then this is where
the ready built comes into its own.  Sometimes a self built PC does
not work properly first time...or second time...etc.  What resources
do you have to hand to test different parts?  Very few I would guess. 
Whereas a manufacturer will simply swap out the RAM or the CPU with
another out of the box.  IF it works then great (it will 99% of the
time).  If you get hassles then there is always Trading Standards. 
Now, what are you going to say to Trading Standards if you built it
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