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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 11:52:26 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 11:37, Adam Sweet wrote:

> I can't find anything on a webserver in the April 06
> issue, did you mean Syllable, the desktop OS? They
> have a live CD (I think) as well as VMWare Player
> images.

Cheers mate

Actually I think I found it, its Engaurd I will download it tonight from work 
if I kick it off now I'll get screemed at.

I cant do it from home as I'm still waiting for poxy Bit torrent to finish 
getting FC5.
Started Monday night, paused it at about 10.00pm
Started off again 5.30am Tuesday left it on ALL DAY switched off 10.00pm
Started again this morning 5.30am it still has 7 hours plus to go!!!

I really enjoy watching an upload speed of 50-60KB and a download of 4.5KB

I know I've moaned about this crappy solution before but this will defiantly 
be the last time this sucker uses it. Its pants!

Rant over :)

Peter Cannon
Fedora Core 4 & Suse 10.0
Jabber:highwayman.turpin at gmail.com

"There is every excuse for not knowing,
There is no excuse for not asking!"
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