[Wolves] FC5 & Kgpg test

Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Fri Mar 24 17:12:13 GMT 2006

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Peter Cannon wrote:
> Irrelevant, if I can see the mails on the list with the gpg and my Kgpg says
> its trusted then its working the same for your mails to the list.

It's dependant on your mail client - I don't see your messages as signed
*within the mail client* unless I look at the message source

> If your system is not picking it up then theres three reasons
> 1. You have not refreshed any keys lately
> 2. You have not imported the new key
> 3. Your client is stripping attachments

I only need your key if I want to verify the signature - at the moment
Enigmail doesn't recognise it as signed.

The mail you originally sent was "Content-Type: multipart/alternative;"
with a "text/plain;" segment (your message in plain text format), a
"text/html;" segment (your message in HTML format), a
"application/pgp-signature;" segment (Obvious) and "text/plain;" segment
 (the WolvesLUG mailing list signature)

Now, it seems that Enigmail doesn't recognise
"application/pgp-signature;" and so doesn't try and verify the digital
signature. I'm not sure (and at 20 minutes to beer o'clock on a Friday
I'm not going to look it up) which is the correct way for a mail client
to present a digital signature.

Enigmail sends a "text/plain;" message with the signature identified with:

[ signature goes here ]

It's a bit sad that 2 different mail clients on essentially the same OS
can't standardise on a single way to sign email (using compatible
encryption methods)

> Its working so you need to investigate your system :)

No I don't. Not today. Maybe Monday.

Happy Friday.


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Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - http://enigmail.mozdev.org


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