[Wolves] iFolders

Constantin Orasan dinel_list at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 2 23:32:42 BST 2006

Hi Peter,

> At the moment its syncing with a folder/s that are in 'My Documents' you can 
> share the web/server ones so I don't know yet if you just get access to them 
> or they will sync/copy to your /home/whoever directory.
> If they copy over to /home/whoever then that seems a bit silly to me as you 
> might just as well set up remote access to the server.
> I'm sticking with it as its a good learning exercise.
Did you manage to make it work properly? Do you think it is worth
installing it? Linux Format has an article about installing iFolder and
I've been thinking about trying it for very long. I had a look at how it
can be installed on Gentoo and it doesn't seem too difficult. However,
it doesn't seem possible to use it between my home computer and work
computer, unless I use some kind of tunnelling. 



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