[Wolves] Help please.

Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Thu May 4 15:59:29 BST 2006

David Morley wrote:
> The owner of pc2000 wants to set up a website I told him the two ways
> round it were:
> 1.  Set one up himself which involves time and commitment
> 2.  Get a hosting company and web devs to build one for him
> As he is short on staff he will almost certainly go with the latter.
> This brings about the question then of whom?
> I know on the LUG/LUGRADIO Bytemark/Fasthosts are reccomended but I
> was wondering more about the builders of the site?  Any Ideas please?

Hard to say without knowing what the site is for.

You can do an awful lot with CMS type systems nowdays - are his 
requirements simple enough to use an "out of the box" solution or does 
he require specialised development?


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