[Wolves] Creating an install script?

David Goodwin gingerdog at gmail.com
Fri May 5 09:22:54 BST 2006

If you're using Fedora/Redhat, look at Kickstart.
Debian has preseeding, which is probably not as advanced (at least
wasn't when I looked at Breezy).

Both may take a day or two to setup, but when combined with pxe boot,
should allow you to perform consistent, quick installations.

You'd probably also want to have a http_proxy on your LAN incase they
insist on downloading lots of stuff.

Having said all of that, the installer for Dapper is very simple and
I'd hope people wouldn't be able to go far wrong (Aside from maybe
over partitioning)

See also : http://www.hands.com/d-i/

David Goodwin

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