[Wolves] "Proprietary Linux will be king within a very short time" (was CACert)

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Mon May 8 15:40:38 BST 2006

On Monday 08 May 2006 14:54, Daniel Jones wrote:

> OK I've re-read the whole thread and now realise I was more than a
> little harsh in my original response.
> Furthermore I can see how one of the things I said could easily be
> seen as a personal attack (which it wasn't meant to be, believe it or
> not)
> I'm sorry, Peter.

And I am sorry for any personal slights I may have made.

I dislike slanging matches structured debates are good and healthy but I do 
get angry when accused of saying things I haven't said or being made to look 
a fool in a public forum.

> Shake on it?

Certainly, I'd forgotten about ages ago.

Just as a side note if you have a quick look at my site you'll discover I'm a 
new fan of Ubuntu (Subject: "What? Ubuntu?") I think I posted that stuff a 
couple of weeks ago which made this little spat even more stupid.

Good luck

Peter Cannon
FC5 & SuSE10
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"There is every excuse for not knowing
 There is no excuse for not asking"

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