[Wolves] Novells Gnome

Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Wed May 17 14:18:40 BST 2006

On 17/05/06, Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.co.uk> wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 May 2006 13:54, Kevanf1 wrote:
> > Plenty of room next to me mate
> :( It gets worse, in temper I've just killed, removed, ripped up my iFolder
> Server. I went to re-install and it refused that means I now have three or
> four hours ahead of me trying to figure out whats wrong.
> Trouble is the phone keeps ringing, bloody customers, things would run a lot
> smoother without them :)
> --

Not a good time to pop in then :-))))
I am only human, please forgive me if I make a mistake it is not deliberate.
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