[Wolves] Police, Stop&Search, discussion the other day

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Thu May 18 09:06:03 BST 2006

 > (cue: Perhaps the police need to be on the streets, and not behind desks?)

But that would mean paperwork which puts them back behind the desk.
This is part and parcel of the problem if your booked there is a week
and a half of paperwork.  That's why speeders and minor crimes tend to
be delayed in favour of more important crimes.

I think what is needed is a mobile desk for Cops.  Idea being that if
you had a type of wireless pda with camera and scanner and a
calculator style printer, you would be able to write a ticket hand it
to the person there and then, take their photo and fingerprints
(scanner) and then plug it in when you get back to the station to
charge the battery and file all the tickets/forms.  Thus minimise
paperwork and maximising time on beat.  It would just need to be
programed with a database that displayed all the various type of forms
and tickets.

Image it you lose your daughter/son at the shops you find the police
station and everyone of them get a picture of the missing child how
useful would that be.  Or a cop takes a photo of the person committing
the crime and can mail the photo to all the other police whilst
radioing for backup etc.  Then any police attending know who their

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