[Wolves] Help writing a script file

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Thu May 18 16:37:22 BST 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 16:27, Simon Morris wrote:

> Ah-HA!!! you fell for my deliberate mistake
> Look at the variable name you used to store your email address and then
> look at the variable name you fed to the mail command.
> *Gives Peter a huge foam E*


James, thanks for your efforts but sorry I like Simon's better

Simon you get a mention in dispatches and also the use of my glasses (EMAILTO) 
I ask you, I thought it strange! that's what comes of being too trusting :)

Now I need to see if I installed KCron so I can set it up as a cron job to 
mail me every four hours.

Cheers Simon :X

Peter Cannon
FC5 & SuSE10
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 There is no excuse for not asking"

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