[Wolves] samba question >ouch<

David Watson david-wlug at planetwatson.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 21:38:07 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 20:47, Baza wrote:
> Hiya.
> I'm trying to add a file server to my home network using Samba. It's
> up and running and I can get at my share using my Ubuntu laptop, so
> far so good. But, my XP box and my Osx box can see the server but
> when confronted by the password question, no matter what I type in it
> gets rejected.

Hey Baz,

This sounds like encrypted passwords are not enabled, the relevant part of the 
man page is below.

>encrypt passwords (G)
>              This  boolean  controls whether encrypted passwords will be 	
>negotiated with the client. Note that Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and above and also 
Windows 98
>              will by default expect encrypted passwords unless a registry 
entry is changed. To use encrypted passwords in Samba see the chapter "User 
>              in the Samba HOWTO Collection.
>              MS Windows clients that expect Microsoft encrypted passwords 
and that do not have plain text password support enabled will be able to 
connect only
>              to a Samba server that has encypted password support enabled 
and for which the user accounts have a valid encrypted password. Refer  to  
the  smb-
>              passwd command man page for information regarding the creation 
of encrypted passwords for user accounts.
>              The  use  of plain text passwords is NOT advised as support for 
this feature is no longer maintained in Microsoft Windows products. If you 
want to
>              use plain text passwords you must set this parameter to no.
>              In order for encrypted passwords to work correctly smbd(8) must 
either have access to a local smbpasswd(5) file (see the smbpasswd(8) program  
>              information  on  how  to  set  up  and  maintain this file), or 
set the security = [server|domain|ads] parameter which causes smbd to 
>              against another server.

Hope that helps.

David Watson
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