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Kevanf1 kevanf1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 11:44:23 GMT 2006

I've yet to hear a truly valid reason for the introduction of ID
cards.  On the face of it they sound great for IDing oneself when it
comes to claiming benefits etc.  But we already have passports (that
avenue is open to any valid UK citizen).  We have birth certificates
etc.  Yes, I know how easy those two documents are to forge.  So why
don't HM government spend a little to tighten that section up?

The big push for ID cards according to phoney Tony is that they will
eradicate the likelihood of terrorist strikes in mainland Britain.
Rubbish!  Is Mr/Mrs terrorist going to stand back and say "oh dear, I
hadn't better blow this object up because I have an ID card".  Huh????
 Likewise they will not stop the influx of illegal immigrants.  If
every truck, ship and plane were properly searched then they may find
them but, the ports would no doubt come to a standstill.  So why would
ID cards stop this?

Spain does have ID cards.  They suffered the train attack a few years
ago.  Why does the government ignore this aspect of the argument?

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