[Wolves] Retiring as LUGMaster

Jono Bacon jonobacon at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 12:56:04 BST 2006

Hi all,

I have decided to retire as LUGMaster. This is for no reason other
than that I am extremely busy with other projects, particularly with
my new role at Canonical, and I am keen to see the LUG continuing to
grow. Recently the LUG has been a little all over the place with
regards to meetings and venues, and I think we need someone who can
commit a lot more time to the group. I think it needs a leader who can
get the group into shape and spend a lot of time realising the full
potential of the group.

Now, I would like to see a smooth transition over to a new LUGMaster.
I think this person needs the following capabilities:

 * Plenty of time to dedicate to the LUG.
 * Willingness to treat all LUG members equally and resolve any issues
and problems where possible.
 * Book and organise meetings.
 * Leadership skills to make decisions where there is no concensus.

I would like to know of anyone who would like to put themselves up to
be LUGMaster and then I think we should vote on it. I am happy to
coordinate the voting as an independent party. The winner can then
take control of the LUG and move forward.

So, could those who want to nominate themselves as LUGMaster reply here.


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