[Wolves] how can you list hardware on an isa bus?

chris procter chris-procter at talk21.com
Tue Oct 17 11:36:49 BST 2006

Dear Mr. Morley,
  Can we have our hardware back please?

Yours sincerly,
The 1980's


I dont have an ISA bus on any of the machines I have
access to atm, but there might be a (virtual) file
which would contain the kernels eye view of the isa
devices. If not the hunt around in /proc because if
the kernel detects it, it will be in there somewhere.

Of course if you're really lucky ther might be a lsisa
command equivalent to the lspci one.


--- David Morley <davmor2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> how can you list hardware on an isa bus please?
> Ron brought some laptops with him to the last
> meeting, thanks Ron.
> Last night I finally stopped the overheating problem
> I had with the
> one I got after stripping it apart and rebuilding
> it.  But I can't get
> the sound to work I found a workaround but is says
> that there is 'no
> such device' so I want to get a list it isn't under
> lspci then I read
> it is on the isa bus is there away to list the
> device names on this
> bus please?
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