[Wolves] All happy for Dave Morley to be LUGMaster?

leo sandhu leosandhu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 19:26:18 BST 2006

Erm, look I know that I can hardly be seen as the most regular attender of
meets or wonderful of contributors to the list, but I have been subscribed
to wolves lug for pretty much all of the past 5 years, quietly looking at
the email folder and trying to keep up with whats going on in my own way.
Anyway, now seems the time to make known the, I think, reasonable reasons
for not making it to more meets than I have done.

Primarily it boils down to this.  My knowledge of Linux is comparably basic,
my interest more technical and altogether not particularly socially , If I
go to a meeting then it is because i want to learn about a subject in a
relaxed atmosphere.   As most of the meets I have been to took place in the
Moon, Standard or Spice Avenue, it has been impossible to have the serious
demonstrations or discussion that most talk subjects really require.
Somewhere in the mist of time I recall meets took place in the Combermere
and people like Ron could give good talks with lots of equipment.

I have a fascination for, but not an economic reliance upon  computers.
That is to say, I am not a Sysadmin.  This Summer and last I made the effort
of travelling to Holland, meeting some cool guys from around the world,
including Vic Hayes the Father of wifi, and learnt a lot about wifi, FreeBSD
and some other pretty amazing stuff including Andrew File Systems.  Last
year the event was hosted in a cow-shed and this year a scout hut.

A bit OT but until about three years ago, Dan Jones was a good friend of
mine.  At the point we had a rather acrimonious separation of non-LUG
related opinion, it became easier to avoid common interest activities.   He
sulked rather loudly the last time I attended a meet at the Standard and I
got the impression several people were put of their curries as a result.

Now, I'm not really sure if this is right but I get the impression that
there have been more fallings out than the one between Dan and myself.  I
can't see how anyone can justify that.   This is surely intended to be a
forum for the benefit of the greater and local Linux community?  Don't we
all have our own lives in which we can find frustration?

I know that as LUGMaster Jono has done a better job than many of organising
regular friendly meets, but Mr Dave Morley apparent LUGMaster elect, I look
to you to make some serious changes around here.   Please, lets find a
regular meeting place where the primary resource is focused on  proper talks
and  people actually  being able to hear each other speak and see demos
without the need to shout down the table.   If food is essential, I'm sure
we can do better than sharing a huge room with all the town.....

My one positive suggestion here would be that I am sure (have already
asked), if we regularly took occupation, the City Bar in Kings St would be
willing for us to fit a wifi system to provide a good facility for meets.
All we need is one or two Lugers who would be willing to share their
domestic broadband for such a link.....

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> Pete's posted saying he doesn't want the job anyway.
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