[Wolves] MP3 on Ubuntu

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 29 18:40:42 GMT 2006

--- Mark Ellse <me at chaseacademy.com> wrote:

> My son is pretty adept at ripping CD's onto his
> Ubuntu machine. But it 
> won't encode them as MP3's, of course, because of
> the proprietory bits 
> missing.
> How do I get those bits onto his machine - without
> the internet, which 
> we don't have at home?

You could download the necessary files from the
repositries at work or elsewhere and take them home on
USB key or CD.

Then on the command line:

cd /path/to/files
sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

The files needed and the process of adding MP3 support
to Soundjuicer are explained here:


Also look at the following to see if there is anything
else that you might want:


The order of installation may well be of importance
and you may be able to install them using the GUI.
Don't know the repositry addresses off hand.





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