[Wolves] AssemblyTV 2006

David Goodwin gingerdog at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 14:58:33 GMT 2006

> hQEOA9DUU3+NLmyHEAP+JfpEDsotKuQBIquVdtVfuDCTYDd4TQArung4j5tAdZiI
> wDGBqikiUU3k+uDBckBJTeGANzxflf59bbaKpPGCq9eofvf9X8XLqFEp0c+t7KF8

Am I supposed to be able to read this or not? Mutt prompts me for my
pass phrase and then fails miserably saying it can't copy a file or
something equally cryptic. Being relatively clueless with gpg (i.e. I
can sign emails, or encrypt them for other people), I don't quite know
what I'm supposed to do with the above, or what it is.....


David Goodwin

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