[Wolves] Meeting room

Jono Bacon jonobacon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 21:33:01 BST 2006


> Maybe as Canonical Community Bloke, you Jono can help us to build
> communication between LUGs, learn from eachother and embrace eachothers ways
> of doing things. I know I can't make it to many other LUGs meets, but I love
> hearing about them.

Don´t get me wrong in my last post - I am not in any way saying that
there is anything wrong with formal LUGs, and many people do indeed
enjoy formal LUGs, but personally I prefer social LUGs.

I think the point you make about combining the formal and social is
interesting, and it is a technique other groups use, such as the Perl
Mongers. The problem we have with Wolves LUG is that there have been
efforts in the past to have talks at the LUG, and I remember myself on
the list trying to encourage talks at meetings, but there was
virtually no interest. I know there was a list of volunteered talks on
the wiki, but when asked, virtually no-one came forward. Of course,
there is nothing wrong with people not wanting to give talks, and we
all live busy lives, but it gave me the impression that the LUG is not
naturally a LUG who puts on talks and then goes to the pub afterwards
for some social chat.

What I would love to see is exactly what happened when we first went
to Spice Avenue - we hold it in the room upstairs where we have our
own space, someone gives a talk, and we have some social discussion
afterwards. This seems to tick each of the boxes we want -
presentations, social atmosphere and an integrated LUG. The challenge
here though is that we need to pull together as a LUG to make it
happen. This means volunteering for talks helping to organise
meetings. I think if we have some of this, we could get things in a
more even keel. :)

Oh, and as to your question about bringing LUGs together as part of my
Canonical job, one area I am *really* keen to work on are LoCo groups,
and the LUG community is obviously very tightly related. In fact, I
have a note in my TomBoy notes to give you a shout this week Popey. :)

> On the flipside maybe it's time to put more LUG back into LUGRadio too?

Its funny, we get this every so often, and the point makes the
assumption that we are not particularly interested in LUGs these days.
We are indeed interested, but again, we need LUGs to mail us and let
us know their cool things so we can cue people up for interviews and
segments. We have had virtually no mails about taking part in a show
from LUGs, and I myself would love to see that change. Maybe this is a
good goal for Season 4. :)


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