[Wolves] IMPORTANT, ALL READ: Making the LUG rock

David Morley davmor2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 11:52:33 BST 2006

> * Organising meetings
Gladly help out here.
>  * Giving talks
Gladly help out here
>  * Keeping the website up to date
Not enough experience or knowledge to help out here
>  * Mailing list admin
as above
>  * Helping new members to feel at home
Will do.
> I think the priority here is organising meetings and giving talks. It
> seems a popular option for our meetings to have the following
> forumula:
>  * Meet in a fairly social location such as a room in a restaurant,
> but one where have our own space
>  * Have one or two talks about something
>  * Have plenty of discussion
>  * Be big enough so people can move around easily and talk to different people
>  * Allow for people to eat and preferably bring their own drinks
The top room of Spice Avenue was great until they stopped us going up
there.  However if this is not available then I would still like to
nominate Our room in the short term.

As a plus to Jono's mail I think it is important that we update the
aging wiki/website.  Has anyone actually seen it recently.  I would
love to do this but only have enough rudementry knowledge to get a
text based web page up and running so is out of my hands.  Plus I'm on
cable and therefore can't access the wiki.

If we are to make a go of this which I hope is the case then I believe
we need to play to each others strengths so it may be of use to make
out a list of skills people have and actual ask if these people are
prepared to give up a couple of hours to sort things out.  That is Aq
has a lot of web based skills; Jono is a good talker and both of them
through contact made online and through Lug radio have a big list of
talkers who my be interested in coming and demoing stuff to us.  I'm
not saying that it is their job just that they have those skills as
examples and it would be good to get a list together of skills
available both though regular LUG LIST people and through regular LUG
MEETING people.

Seek That Thy Might Know

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