Wiki, was Re: [Wolves] IMPORTANT, ALL READ: Making the LUG rock

Stuart Langridge sil at
Wed Sep 6 14:49:38 BST 2006

> People (each have our own page, plus maybe one the lUG
> itself)
> Docs (for real documents, howtos and shared knowledge)
> Community Projects (ie pages on SETI, Splinescan, LR
> etc)
> Help (about using the wiki itself, who to contact
> about server issues so on)
> That way the front page can be links to the
> namespaces, say what each one is about and the main
> page of each namespace can be the same for it's own
> section.
> Does this sound like a good plan? The suggested
> namespaces are flexible of course and can be added,
> deleted and modified as appropriate.

Personally, I'd suggest that you just go for it and set this up. While
I appreciate that design up front might help a bit, we're a bit too
short of content at the moment. Once there's some stuff in there in
the structure you describe above, we can adjust it if it turns out to
not be the best way forward.


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